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Walk the earth with a cleaner footprint

Walk the earth with a cleaner footprint

Walk the earth with a cleaner footprint

Our purpose with the Eco Essentials Sneaker Initiative is to be an inspiration for how people can interact with nature and create a more environmental conscious lifestyle, without having to lose their sense of style.

We believe that the future of innovation is sustainable innovation, so all of our sneakers are made within the Eco Essentials Sneaker Initiative.


Since launching the Eco Essentials Sneaker Initiative in 2019, we have included several types of recycled and reused materials in our sneakers. The waste from our natural rubber outsole production is being reused as foam in insoles and construction for heel caps, minimizing waste and limiting usage of virgin material.

The Artisan model is made in a whole cut solid piece of premium TanTec LITE Leather. The outsole is in 60 % natural rubber and the insole is made of recycled rubber, creating not only a lower eco footprint but also giving the sole a bouncier effect.


Ocean Net Mesh is a unique fabric made out of regenerated nylon from fishing nets and other consumer waste turned into innovative sneakers that are rainproof eco icons.

650,000 tons of fishing nets are estimated to drift in our oceans. They drift with the wind and currents as “ghost nets” and are considered among the greatest killers in our oceans. For 2020 we have a partnership with the registered charity SEA LIFE Trust. For every product sold in this partnership we will donate 10 % of the retail price to SEA LIFE Trust and their important work with protecting the world’s oceans and the amazing marine life that lives within them.

The Nylite Ocean Net is made of regenerated nylon from fishing nets and consumer plastics. The insole of the shoe is recycled rubber and the outsole is made from 50% natural rubber. The Nylite Ocean Net is part of our collaboration with SEA LIFE Trust!



The ECONYL® Regeneration System starts with rescuing from landfills and oceans all over the world. The waste is then sorted and cleaned to recover all of the nylon possible.


The nylon waste is recycled right back to its original purity. That means ECONYL® regenerated nylon is exactly the same as virgin nylon. After the waste is collected, different types of waste are cleaned and prepared for regeneration. As part of the cleaning process, materials other than nylon are removed and sent to other supply chains.


ECONYL® regenerated nylon is processed from pellets into textile yarn that we can either use as pure nylon or mix with organic cotton. It can also be woven into different patterns and hand feels to create different styles.


The remade textile is then transformed into fabric suitable for Tretorn rain jackets, bags and sneakers. All made with waterproof functionality and in great style while helping to protect the oceans and slowly eliminating the concept of waste.


Since launching the Eco Essentials Sneaker Initiative we have been working on a mission to minimize the impact our materials and production have on the earth. When we decided to use leather we chose TanTec, an eco-friendly leather manufacturer represented by their trademarked LITE (Low Impact To the Environment) manufacturing concept. This concept is built around full traceability back to the meat processing facility and in the supply chain, securing they adhere to the highest standard of animal welfare. All leather come as biproduct from the food industry. The concept defines a high standard of environmental sustainability. The tanneries run on 100% wind energy and use natural light to cut 50 % of energy consumption. Solar power heats 60-70 % of production and the creation of their own wetlands takes care of 100 % of waste water and creates new biomass. The tanneries are rated gold and silver by the Leather Working Group.

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