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Sarek born in the wild

Sarek born in the wild


The SAREK collection is sprung from the passion of finding a sustainable outdoor lifestyle, the love of the river and the surrounding mountains, and our hope that it forever remains wild.

The Rapa river is a 75 km long river that runs through the Rapa Valley and forms the Laitaure Delta. The new Rapa valley pattern is created by extracting forms and shapes from air photos of the unique delta​.

At the heart of Tretorn is our passion for the Scandinavian outdoors, and a desire to explore the natural world. Being in nature has always been a part of the Tretorn lifestyle and we have been here all along, crafting footwear and apparel for the Scandinavian weather since 1891.

“Since mid-century, we have also made hiking boots for the Sarek region and in 1972 we were so connected to the region that Tretorn was granted to trademark Sarek as a brand” Fredrik Ekström Creative Director Tretorn.


SAREK National Park is a 1970 km2 national park in the western part of Jokkmokk municipality in Lapland and was formed in 1909. The park is one of the oldest national parks in Europe and is Sweden's largest high mountain area where the indigenous Saami people have lived and followed the reindeer migration since ancient times. It is considered the largest untouched wilderness in Europe and protected as a world heritage site by UNESCO since 1995.

The Sarek Collection is a tribute to our heritage from hiking in the extreme wilderness of Sarek.

"This is a collection of rubber hiking boots made for explorations in Sarek. And outerwear inspired by the vintage 70’s hiking style in the region. It has a strong connection to Tretorn functionality and timeless design, but we see it being used as well in nature as on city streets", Fredrik says

Since 1891, Tretorn has been crafting high-quality protective rubber boots. First made for farmers in the southern part of Sweden, but soon also for hiking in the extreme mountain regions of northern Sweden. Tretorn boots are uniquely developed to achieve the highest level of performance and durability while moving in comfort.

The Sarek outerwear is made with a passion for creating garments that are produced to the highest quality; are functional in detail and timeless in design and show respect to the natural environment. They are all made in our ECO-ESSENTIALS Initiative from recycled fabrics.

Our Purpose with Sarek is to inspire people to enjoy and interact with nature, create a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, and explore the wild in comfort.